Ross quit his job today!! And as a family we are incredibly happy with that decision. He has a great new job lined up with a large church in the Denver area; he starts March 10th, after his 2 weeks notice and a long weekend to change gears mentally are over. We are still hoping to find him a job out east near his family at some point,(we haven’t given up on that plan Odegaard family:) but for right now it was better to take this opportunity when it presented itself.

So HUZZAH for new jobs and new beginnings and no more working until after midnight and then having to be back at the office by 8. No more being on call 24/7 for a week at a time with no extra pay no matter how many extra hours he works.

Generally speaking I am not a big fan of change but in this case I have decided to make an exception.

So that’s the scoop for today folks, have a lovely evening.

Helping a family in Need


Please look at this website, especially if you or anyone you know is in the Seattle, WA area. Some friends of ours are close friends with the missing man and they’re asking everyone to post this link in the hopes of finding him. Nick Francisco has been missing from the Seattle Metro area since Wednesday Feb. 13. He is a husband and father to 2 children with another on the way. Pray they find him, and for his family during the search.

This is another link to some of the news coverage from the local stations with some additional info: