The World is a strange, strange place.

So Michael Jackson died this week. And so did Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon. These are all sad events in their own right but I am puzzled sometimes by the things that seem to catch the attention of people in this strange strange world. For instance, before MJ died I know youtube and various video sites were getting many hits on the video of a young woman being shot and killed during the protests in Iran. . . now I think they are probably getting hits on Thriller footage and Charlie’s Angel’s clips. Last week a friend of mine posted a piece on her blog about some friends whose relief work in Uganda has led them to the bizarre position of advising that country’s government regarding the proper punishment for witchdoctors who perform child sacrifices. It had never occurred to them, before this woman’s advice, that such a thing should simple be classified as murder and punished accordingly. You can read all about it at And yet this unwholesome topic, which I was flabbergasted to learn is still so prevalent in some places, hasn’t made news at all that I have heard.

I’m not sure what the most Godly, humane response to all these events–separately or together–is, but I don’t think dozens of hours of coverage on news stations around the world is it. Maybe something more like a friend mine did when she cranked a favorite MJ tune and danced to it all morning with her daughters. Or watching old Charlie’s Angel’s episodes on dvd. But is it really necessary with all the other crucial events in our world today, to obsess to roughly the point of idolatry over the deaths of some people who were admittedly talented and famous but whose passing wouldn’t have been newsworthy if they weren’t?

I honestly don’t know the answer to these questions, but I wanted to ask them anyway. And that is my two cents for today.

A day in the life . . .

I suppose we owe some pictures. I’m not posting any today, but I will soon. Here is today’s update.

June 10, 2008

Today has been a very long day. In an attempt to disorganize my memory I’m going to summarize it in 2 lists.

Things I loved about today:

1. Ross got up with Ben at 5:45 so I didn’t have to be awake.

2. Ben took 2 naps today, which is good because he’s sick.(sinus-y buildup and conjunctivitis)

3. Having him snuggle up to me in my bed during his second nap because his bed wasn’t “tumfty”.

4. That Ross gets to spend some much needed time with some buddies tonight.

5. That Ross is starting to feel better now that his prescription is working. (ear/nose/throat/respiratory infection)

6. Evrett taking a long nap without prodding.

7. We have a lot of fruit in our house right now, and the boys will happily live on very little else.

Things I definitely DID NOT love about today:

1. That Ben and Ross are sick in the first place.

2. My sinuses draining and my throat starting to hurt.

3. The fatigue and borderline dizziness the virus causes when combined with pregnancy.

4. The dog slicing his leg open on something somehow, resulting in an unplanned trip to the vet.

5. The bill we got from aforementioned vet visit—who knew dog stitches were that expensive? **

6. Realizing I will spend the next 2 weeks keeping the dog from licking/biting/scratching at his bandage and worrying about keeping said bandage dry.

7. Seeing the look on the poor mutt’s face when he tries to move and the big “no-licking” collar gets in his way.

8. The fit Evrett threw when bath time ended 12 seconds early because they wouldn’t stop fighting.

9. That Ross was not home for dinner, bath time or bedtime with the boys—he needed a guys night but the timing of picking up the sick dog and Daddy leaving was unfortunate.

That about sums it up. I am tired, and don’t feel well. I am going to drink a lovely mug of hot, decaf tea and perhaps pamper myself with cake and ice cream before an early bedtime. Good night all, hope your days were less bizarre.

**Typically, we are low maintenance dog owners. I love my dog, but he’s a dog. We feed him and pet him and try to be sure he’s exercised and healthy. But if he goes days or weeks without a proper walk, I don’t care. I don’t believe there’s a need to elevate my canine companion to human-esque status with gourmet food or doggie yoga or whatever ridiculousness there is to be found for pet owners. I would not have taken him to the vet at all, except the cut was underneath one of the pads on his leg, and fairly wide. Since he’d be walking on it a lot I figured infection would be hard to prevent and he wouldn’t let me touch it to try and cover it here. I decided being 8 months pregnant precluded my wrestling my 80 lb canine into submission over the issue. The vet applauded this decision, as she was treating another dog this very day whose owner hadn’t taken the proper steps with a similar injury and now they had to amputate the pad entirely—which just sounds yukky, and much more expensive.