Ok I need Ross to make it so I can post pictures!

I have nothing super great to say except I need to have Ross “fix” my settings so I can actually post some pictures here. And thanks to Amanda for being excited we’re back! 🙂 Oh, and a few funny things the kids have said lately, just for fun. Yesterday we were talking about how uncle Josh doesn’t live here anymore(Ana still has trouble understanding how that works) and Ben said “Yea, the day after Josh left was the worst day of my life.” So sweet to hear how much they love him.

Cora learns new phrases all the time and its hilarious. The other day Ross said something about some task or other taking about 2 hours. She laughed and immediately parroted “Doo Houws”. We all laughed, so now she thinks randomly saying “2 hours” is super funny. Toddler humor is the best right?

Ana, for her part is set on proving she can argue about anything. Yesterday while eating her 2nd banana in the same 10 minutes looked me straight in the eye, frowned and yelled “Mom! I DO NOT YIKE BANANAS!!! Stop saying I yike them!” She was very upset; even more so when she realized Ross & were both laughing at her. She was still chewing her last bite of banana at the time which only made it more funny.

I’ll be back when we have pictures.

Ok seriously, I will do better people. :)

Yes, it is now January of 2013 and I haven’t posted since March of 2011. Sorry. In my own defense having a newborn & 3 other kids under age 7 plus Josh(at that time) and was quite a lot for my brain to comprehend. Also I forgot my login password at some point and did not remember to have Ross re-set it until now. So there you are, a few reasons for my non-posting. But I do really like to keep people up to date on our household, especially with so much family flung about the country and the world!

Today will be a super brief overview from March 2011-now. Coralena Astrid was born April 20th 2011; she was and remains a sweet delight for us all. She is now almost 21 months and talking up a storm. She has a big dimple on 1 cheek and still has wispy baby hair which I love. She loves her family, and making us laugh. Evrett did first grade & is now in 2nd grade. He is still a bundle of energy and has an endless flow of thoughts and ideas he is always excited to share. He’s discovered a love of reading which makes my heart proud. He keeps us laughing and thinking and I find him amazing. Benny started kindergarten last fall and has a love/hate relationship with school. He’s growing into it, but still loves being home with Mommy quite a bit too. 🙂 He’s my little home-body and I adore him. Anabella is 3 1/2! She is a lively, sometimes stubborn girl with a lot of spunk and silliness. We gave preschool a try in the fall but she was very clearly NOT ready for that so we put it off until next year. She loves to snuggle, dance, boss us around, and still wants to do everything the boys do. She becomes quite irritable when she cannot keep up with something purely because of her size. She loves to be a big sister to Cora and watching them play together brings me great joy during the day. She is still a Daddy’s girl and would happily spend every minute of the day with him if she could. This arrangement would work for Ross too, if he didn’t have to pesky things like earn money. Josh graduated high school and moved back to his folks place in May 2012. He’s doing well there, but we miss him. Even Cora, who was barely 1 year when he left, still says “Need Dosh!” if we mention him or see him in pictures or on skype. Ana is especially sad her favorite playmate is not here.

Ross has a different job now too, which I nearly forgot to say! He now works for an IT company providing IT support to companies that don’t have their own in house tech support people. He’s been there for over a year. I am still home with the kids and I really love it. They can make me crazy:) but being here with them and able to see them grow each day just feels right for me. I will attempt to add a few pictures but I make no promises.

Have a lovely day!

Arrrgggh! Of course I can’t get pictures in here. I’ll try again later.