The Verdict is IN!!

Baby #3 is a girl!! We had our ultrasound today and despite our little one’s initial lack of cooperation the sonogram tech was able to get a few good peeks at our newest addition. She is an acrobatic little thing who seems to have a tendency to cross her legs a lot. 🙂 Ross is hoping to find a way to scan a few ultrasound shots and post them here so check back for that in a few days.

And to save us all some time and money let me say this now. Please avoid pink if at all possible. Neither of us is fond of it and I have some harsh memories of having it forced upon me in my childhood. I really really hate it, actually. But feel free to indulge any strong urges for frills and ruffles and all that junk(which I also hate but they’re baby clothes, what can you do? 🙂 in any other color. I know there’s lots of cute purples and oranges and yellows and reds these days, because my friends with girls have stuff like that.

Her name is still undetermined and probably will be until she’s born. Not because we’re deliberately secretive but because Ross and I can never decide beforehand with absolute certainty. Names are important, and the child will have it forever so we tend to wait and see them to make up our minds.

That’s about all I’ve got for today. Hope everyone is well out there in blog-reading land. . . .all 4 of you.