Wow, its been awhile!

Okay so I have been remiss and lax and several other words that mean I haven’t posted anything in more than a year.  Sorry. If anyone still checks this, I will do better at new pics and whatnot henceforth.  To prove it, I will post a few pics right now from the last several months. Ana has grown quite a lot(as one might expect from a baby:) since those shots of Christmas 2009. She is running and talking and trying desperately to keep up with her active brothers. She manages remarkably well. Her favorite things to say right now are “Mommy up,” when she wants to be held. “Dude that’s nasty” when she wants to make someone laugh, and generally parroting whatever she hears the boys or her uncle Josh say. She loves to sing, her current favorite song is her very own rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” that is only intelligible because we’re her parents, haha.  Uncle Josh is staying with us this year and going to high school, which has been a lot of fun–although I’m not always sure he thinks that! We are a much more chaotic household than he’s used to so that has been an adjustment for him. Ana adores him and I’m fairly certain she thinks he exists only to entertain and snuggle her. It seems to work out fairly well for them both. 🙂

Evrett started kindergarten last fall, and Ben started preschool. They are getting so big! They both love school and we are excited to see them learning and growing and firguring things out.

In late April we will also be welcoming our little surprise from God–also known as our 4th child. It is a girl and she is due April 29th. We were shocked when we learned I was expecting again but God’s plans are often surprising so we are excited to add another little blessing to our family.

Now for the pictures. . . . Except of course the computer isn’t cooperating so I’ll have to do that later. Check back in 24 hours or so!