New Pictures!

I know this is half the reason most people even read our blog–so here you go folks, the promised pics of my Mom’s visit. Soon to follow are Ben’s dedication service at our church and Evrett’s birthday. The aspect ratio or something is messed up for this first one, so Ben’s head isn’t really this narrow. 🙂


This (and the other one below) is Ben concentrating on licking all the cheesy mashed potatoes off the beater. Just like his Mommy, Ben loves mashed potatoes.


This next is Evrett being a rock star, and making a ‘rock star face’ when I tried to take his picture.


Evrett’s expression is not one of irritation, but of concentration, since in this shot he is giving his Grandma Irene a haircut. And yes he’s using a toy ax. If you look carefully at her left shoulder you’ll even see his favorite haircutting tool–his toy chainsaw. He’s very serious when he plays this game and does NOT appreciate his clients suggesting he use other implements. Good thing Benett doesn’t have any hair to speak of, or I fear we’d have to add some pictures of him screaming while Evrett pulled his hair with the ax.


The Return of the blog

Not to be confused with the Return of the King or the Return of Swamp Thing. So aside from various more important events in the life of Ka-Oss and the boys, our internet host somehow managed to crash our blog and lose all the attached files. So everything prior to this post that you have ever read on is gone. All the pictures, the goofy events we narrated, the stories Evrett told us. Gone, forever. Well, let me amend that to say the pictures all still exist somewhere in Ross’ or my computer; but it was so much easier to look back through old posts to find the ones I like, and then copy them whenever it came up that I needed them. Now alas, I cannot. Life goes on and it isn’t like we haven’t had other things on our mind. But it still makes me a trifle irate. What sort of second rate hosting company can’t switch their servers around–or whatever they were trying to do–without destroying data. Some of those tidbits ands stories were things I should have had the foresight to save on my own I guess.

So lesson learned on that front–always back things up, especially when you’re told its impossible to completely and irretrievably erase the information.

On the up side I’ll be putting up some great new photos of the boys from my Mom’s recent visit. And I’ll add Christmas picks when I get my copies from whence they are supposed to arrive. Tante Beeba, this means YOU!! lol.

Lately I have been pondering many weighty issues and I think I’m beginning to be tired of it. My soul is disquieted somehow(not mourning or moping, just unsettled) so I’ll keep pondering, but the sheer size of the concepts I’m wrestling with seems exhausting today. I can only spend so much energy thinking about life, death, God’s intent for the universe, my place within that intent and what to teach my children about the above. Last night I stayed up until after 2am reading a book. I didn’t spend one second of that time doing anything but sinking into the world the author created for me and I have to say it was glorious. As a form of restful entertainment I love letting someone else(as long as they have some actual creative talent and the characters are interesting) do all my thinking for me.

I wonder if that just means that in my daily life I think too much? hmmmm, yet another idea to ponder. ugh.


Oh, and by the way, if anyone reading this did(perhaps to print and show someone without internet access? Or to forward in an email or something?) save any portion of the old posts can you send them to me? I’m trying to be optimistic.