Mother’s Day

Right this minute, I am a free woman. . . and now I have surely jinxed it and will be overrun in 3 minutes or less by my sons, my dog, my husband, or my unborn daughter and her constant need to kick my bladder ferociously.

Until that time I will relish the many blessings I have as a Mom:

My boys, whose little 4 and 2 year old personalities are just the right mix of sweetness, hilarity and obstinance.

My husband, who is nothing short of miraculous as a Dad and a hubby.

Our dog, because he doesn’t mind that he is often fed and let out and very little else each day.

My house, because even though it isn’t as organized or clean as I hope for it is snug and home-y and filled with our love and memories.

My own mother, who less than 3 weeks ago paid her own money just to fly out and babysit for the weekend while hubby and I took a breather.  She even cleaned my refrigerator and scrubbed my bathtub while we were away. Above and beyond Mom, truly.

My grassy green backyard where my children can run and jump and climb and generally create chaos like little boys should.

And, at this stage of pregnancy I cannot forget the best present of the holiday: sleeping in while Daddy watches our children! No easy feat when our youngest wakens before the sun each morning and wants to snuggle and be chatted to, even though he knows he’s supposed to stay in bed if its still dark.

Such is the life of this expectant mother. What a joy it is to me.