Pictures, just like I promised.



Ana. She's just so darn pretty!
Ana. She's just so darn pretty!

So there’s a few of the last few months. We are noticing lately that the boys are still totally enthralled with their sister. It does my heart good to see them make faces at her, or hug and kiss her or say things like this gem from Ben the other day. “Mommy, Anabella is a sweetness girl.” He’s right, and we’re glad they’ve noticed.

I know I know I know . . .

We need to post new pictures of our beautiful children in all their rapidly growing cuteness. I’m sorry.  I’m working on it and I will try. Until then, here are some great quotes from the boys of late. They keep us laughing each day.

Evrett:(in response to a punishment for a morning of terrible attitude and worse behavior)

Mommy, after I nap can I Please build a time machine so I can go back in time to this morning and behave?

Mommy! You have a superpower; you make milk from your nipples!


I am a giant! Giant’s do not pick up toys Mommy!

I am an airplane. I do not sit down.

Mommy I can’t sleep anymore. I need to snuggle you.

They are both so weird. Amusing, but weird. I do love them so.  They are in love with their baby sister, just like their parents. She is–to steal a friend’s description of his daughter–a peach. She smiles a lot and has discovered the ability to make noise with her mouth so she yells a lot.