No more posts starting the word “Ok”!

All right buckle up this will be short, but action packed! Ha. So last week was what Ross & I affectionately refer to as “birthday week from hell” because both boys have a birthday and it always gets hectic. Last Monday Evrett turned 8! 8!!!!! How is that possible? Anyway I made sure to get up in time to make pancakes for breakfast, since loves them. Then after they went to school the girls and I did several errands to make sure he birthday dinner and cake and such were all set. Cora had a fever and was clingy and grumpy. Once we come home and the girls were sleeping, I went to WORK with a vengance! There was baking to do, and fruit to cut and some cleaning and such to finish. I ended up asking Ross to take Evrett’s special class treat to school, since Cora was ill and miserable. We relaxed and watched tv after school instead of doing homework, and then it was dinner (bbq chicken, mac-n-cheese & fruit salad), cake (chocolate “cookie dough” in shape of a microphone) and gifts. This year he elected to have a few larger gifts and no party–Thank heaven for that! So he and I will go snowboarding 1 day in February, and he is watching the LOTR movies with Ross as they finish the books. It took them 3 nights to finish the 1st movie so he was up late too much last week and by Thursday it showed. Cranky, overtired 8 year olds act a lot like cranky over tired 7 year olds–who knew?Then Tuesday was a recovery day and I had a meeting that evening and they were still watching the movie and Ross & I were already tired. Thursday snuck right up on us, which is ridiculous since Ben talked about it non-stop and we had pancakes again and even MORE errands and prep to do, and he really really wanted a party and we really really didn’t want to throw one (yes, we are in fact mean, terrible parents who hate birthday parties involving people outside our house. Deal with it. 🙂 We compromised on a large play date on Saturday morning with no more than 4 friends (and their siblings, because they ALL have at least 1 sibling the same age as one of our other kids). But Thursday was cupcakes for Ben’s class–a post unto itself–hot dogs, mac-n-cheese & fruit salad, chocolate cake w/strawberry filling, and presents. Ben got a new backpack, a stuffed panda he’s been wanting for ages, and his very own “big boy” toolkit with real tools he can use for projects. It is identical to Evrett’s tool kit so it had extra cool power for my sweet younger brother personality child. Then I had small group on the heels of cake and again, Ross & I were tired! Cora also slept terrible Wednesday and Thursday nights so Friday was a doctor visit day, and resulted in a prescription for poor baby’s double ear infection. 🙁 She has been grumpy and ill on and off for 8 days now. Hopefully she’s turning a corner but she woke up this morning at 4:15am so maybe not. At any rate the Saturday play date worked out well, even though 2 kids couldn’t make it; the 2 kids who did each brought a sibling so everyone had someone to play with and that was perfect for us! By Saturday night poor Ross & I were totally spent and just laid on couches for an hour or so before going to bed.

Oh, and then on Sunday Ross hung shelves in the boys’ room and we watched the Super Bowl so the boys were up late yet again. Must get to bed on time tonight! Must. Only I have another meeting and poor Ross was stuck at work till 9:30 last night and then back at it by 6:30 this morning and he has to put them to bed on his own because I’ll be gone.

Some days I feel as though our life just whirrs along at a pace far beyond my ability to keep up. I’m hoping it will now slow down again for a bit, as we need the rest.

I swear there will be pictures of some kind soon! Really. Ok, have a great day, byebye.

Whew! It makes me tired just reading it.