Things that make us laugh

Evrett, being his usual exuberant self, often cracks us up in the course of a day. Some of my top favorites of late:

When asked by a church friend about the meaning of Easter, Evrett(with a bit of prompting) could accurately describe both the egg hunting and resurrection of Jesus portions of the day. But when asked “Isn’t it great that we can all go to heaven to be with Jesus someday?” Evrett promptly and emphatically answered “Nope!”

So I asked him “Don’t you want to be in heaven with Jesus someday?”

Evrett: “Nope!”

Me: “Why not? What do you want to do instead?”

Evrett: “I want Jesus to come here so I can show him how I DANCE!!!” Then he spun and danced around in circles for several minutes. “That’s my super-Evrett dance.” Just in case the Son of God was lacking for entertainment I guess. Obviously he’s not ready to graduate from Sunday school quite yet.

“Are we going to drive on Colorado Voulebard?” Apparently BouleVard is somehow impossible to pronounce–despite Evrett’s ridiculous verbal skills.

“Mommy, we’re having a FIRE Party. We’re taking over the world!” (while he and Daddy and uncle Adam burn sticks in our fire ring)

“I’m not so fond of naps Mommy” Too bad, so sad; naps are non-negotiable.

“Don’t drive too fast Daddy, or the police will give you a ticket.”

Ben, being a baby, cannot quite keep up with big brother in this department. However he has expanded his vocabulary with: ‘Balla’, which means balloon, and just today began saying ‘meh’. I think ‘meh’ is his pondering word, as he uses it almost exclusively while playing with things and attempting to discover how they work. He’s working on spontaneous use of ‘A-da-da’ in reference to his uncle Adam. Currently it is often confused with regular ‘Da-da’.

We’re not all that interesting other than this right now, although there will be some new Easter/Ross birthday pics sometime this week.

New link

Our friends whose friend is missing have a new link for information to help find him.

Anyone with any tips, info or assistance can find contact data there.