New Pictures!

I know this is half the reason most people even read our blog–so here you go folks, the promised pics of my Mom’s visit. Soon to follow are Ben’s dedication service at our church and Evrett’s birthday. The aspect ratio or something is messed up for this first one, so Ben’s head isn’t really this narrow. 🙂


This (and the other one below) is Ben concentrating on licking all the cheesy mashed potatoes off the beater. Just like his Mommy, Ben loves mashed potatoes.


This next is Evrett being a rock star, and making a ‘rock star face’ when I tried to take his picture.


Evrett’s expression is not one of irritation, but of concentration, since in this shot he is giving his Grandma Irene a haircut. And yes he’s using a toy ax. If you look carefully at her left shoulder you’ll even see his favorite haircutting tool–his toy chainsaw. He’s very serious when he plays this game and does NOT appreciate his clients suggesting he use other implements. Good thing Benett doesn’t have any hair to speak of, or I fear we’d have to add some pictures of him screaming while Evrett pulled his hair with the ax.


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