Long Overdue Update

All right I’m a terrible blogger, but to make up for it here’s another site of pictures; some of you may already have seen them but they’re adorable so I know you won’t mind. 🙂


There will be some more soon because I know Ross has some in the camera and he’ll want to empty his memory card before we go to Minnesota for Christmas. As for our life the last 6 weeks or so it is mostly a blur of Preschool, a few ear infections, and me having morning sickness and heartburn. Baby #3 is due next summer and is well on his/her way to making Mommy just as sick as the boys did. We’ve mostly been laying low at home and relaxing. We went to the local Christmas Parade a few weekends ago and the boys were thrilled. Benett cried all the way home and repeated “one more band! one more ‘pade!” over and over. (hint: ‘pade=parade)

Other than that life is pretty mundane at the moment, although we are getting ready for our trip to see my family for Christmas. Part of that prep was purchasing a second vehicle. We are now the happy owners of a 2000 Honda Odyssey minivan. We needed to upgrade to something that will hold 3 carseats and the sedan just wouldn’t cut it. Another nice feature is that we’ll also be able to bring Bailey the wonder dog with us once in awhile which hasn’t really been possible since Ben was born. Poor dog.

I’ll try to be better about writing but for now I’ve got 2 little boys wanting their Mommy.