Father’s Day

For Father’s day this year we took things easy. First, the boys and I let Ross sleep in–a rare occurrence for either of us. I kept the kids distracted until after 9 which is at least 2 hours later than parenthood normally allows!! Then we had some special Father’s day breakfast donuts(the trip to get them was part of how I kept them quiet while he slept!) and went to a local classic car show for a few hours. When we got home the kids went to nap and I tried to figure out how to get the yummy dinner Ross chose made in time for us to eat before church. Since our church meets from 5-6:30pm and is a 25 min drive its always a challenge to make something and then get it eaten between nap and when we leave. In the end Ross decided to go with a new approach: the boys had mac & cheese before church and Ross and I made steak after we came home and they went to sleep! So it was a late dinner, but we actually got to talk to each other like adults, which was a nice change. I think we may do that again next time we want an in-house date night.

As part of our Father’s day celebration I’m going to list a few things I love about Ross’s fatherhood skills and then a photo of him and the boys we took yesterday.

Here goes :

Things I love about Ross as a Dad

The way the boys run to him every day when he comes home.

Watching him wrestle and play with them, and all the giggling that ensues.

How hard he works at showing them he cares.

The way both our sons LOVE to snuggle with him, and never want to let go.

Listening to him pray for our sons and their futures.

How hard he works at providing for us as a family.

His giant smile whenever he sees Evrett or Ben.

Watching him teach them things, and how much he loves to help them discover the world.

Hearing him sing them to sleep at night.

Hearing Evrett say “I do love you Mommy, but Daddy is my favorite, ok?”

The fact that he can cook them dinner, change their diapers and put them to bed without my help whenever its necessary.

The fact that he does those things sometimes even when it isn’t absolutely necessary, just to give me a break.

Knowing he is completely capable of handling things whenever I’m not around.

His excitement over the goofy little things small children do to make us laugh.

Just his overall ‘Awesome-ness’!!!!!!

And that sums it up fairly well I think. I did 2 pics, since we couldn’t get one where both boys are smiling at the same time!



The boys are wearing their special Father’s day shirts, which read “My Dad Rocks”. Very appropriate for us, I think.

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  1. I think that 30 years from now, your “Ross as a Father” comments will be the gift that Ross most remembers and treasures. The boys should read it, too, especially when they are in the throes of teenage angst, so they remember how much their Daddy loves them.
    Katie picked a winner, and I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law!

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