Things I have found in my bed . . .(rated G, I promise)

So over the last few months my little darlings have left us a number of surprises, all of which are ridiculous.

* light sabers, blue or green or both

*Evrett’s pajamas

*Benetts pajamas

*foam ‘pirate’ swords

*a well wrapped, only wet(non-poop) diaper–thanks for not throwing that out!

*Mr Bear

*Mr Puppy

*Evrett’s blankets

*half empty baby bottles–usually dripping on my side of the sheets

*various toy cars

*a nerf gun

*Mr Potato Head

*Shoes, generally Evrett’s or Ben’s

*sippy cups

*goldfish, both crushed and uncrushed

*Bailey the wonder dog



*a tambourine


*assorted stuffed animals and pacifiers

*and just the other night, at 2 am, who should appear and crawl right in blankets and all?  Evrett, of course.  Saying emphatically “I just need to snuggle my Daddy, Mommy so I came in.” He then proceeded to climb right up on Ross’ sleeping form and lay bodily on him until Ross woke up enough to move him back onto the bed.

Now I ask you, readers, what kind of weirdo kid wakes up in the dead of night, thinks to himself “I want to snuggle” and then actually has the presence of mind to gather all his blankets and animals and drag them along to our room so he “wouldn’t be cold”.  I’m lucky if I can accurately remember my own name at that time of night, much less think through blankets and teddy bears and climbing into someone else’s bed.  But he’s a clever little monkey; he knows we aren’t willing to get out of bed and carry him back to his room at 2 in the morning either.  How wonderful it will be in a few months when Ben is big enough to follow him.  🙂  Its a good thing they’re both so darn cute.

On a related topic, Benett is moving into his thinking/problem solving phase.  He proved this just yesterday morning.  When he woke up he called loudly for Mommy and then Daddy for several minutes each per his usual impatient little self.  Since neither of us was inclined to leap out of bed and entertain him at 6:15 he quieted for a few moments and then began hollering out “BIIIIIIKEEE!!!” Which is his way of calling our good friend Mike, who is staying with us temporarily.  Luckily, Mike is a sound sleeper and was not roused by this demand.   Shortly thereafter he succeeded in waking up his brother(since they share a room) and was happy to make faces at ‘budder’ and throw stuffed animals at him until we came to get him up.  When these 2 get a little bigger and better able to coordinate I think Ross and I are in for some trouble.

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