Better late than Never . . .

With that timeless cliche as a caveat, we will now post pictures from Ben’s 1st Birthday. Yes it was in January, and yes it is now April; babies stuffing their face with cake is never out of style right? Plus Ross and I are in the doghouse with all the grandparents for not sending them sooner. haha. So, here are some of our little monkey turning 1, and a couple of some ‘small fires’ we’ve had in our fire pit this spring. Also Evrett sitting on his very own ‘big boy bike with only 2 wheels!’ which he is really, really excited to have.crw_8228.jpg


Not sure exactly what he’s chewing here, but it didn’t do him an lasting damage so I guess it’s fine.


Evrett is playing a song here–a drumming, kazoo type song.


Ben was none too sure about this giant white thing with flames on it at first. . .


But the whipped cream frosting and chocolate-y goodness overcame that quickly enough!



This has nothing to do with birthdays; its just Evrett being ‘Super Evrett’ in his underwear.


Ross tried to get some cute ‘art-y’ shots to mark turning one. These turned out rather well I think. But I’m biased.


Just for Tante Rebs and Uncle Wilson, the favored ‘lookaway’ 🙂


And one more just because he’s cute and making a cute face to boot!


Now the random, difficult to categorize extras:



There will be more posted soon also. We have Easter and Ross’ birthday and such to add on.

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  1. The boys are adorable – can’t believe how much they have both changed just since January. Evrett looks so tall and adventurous and Ben is turning into a little boy already. He has such adorable expressions, no matter what he’s doing. Katie, I think you need to make a cape for Mr. Bear, too.
    When I look at the fire pictures, I can hear “tree, tree, tree” somewhere in the background! Wish I could be there.

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