Umm, really??

Really, really Tor? I cannot believe you have roped me into this ridiculous ‘tagging’ phenom. 10 deep dark secrets about me? I’m not exactly a vault when it comes to my own life. I’ll give it a shot.

1. I once stole a mint from the Lion’s club box on a counter in a store in Cambridge, MN (I was about 4. They cost 3 cents.) My mom caught me with the empty wrapper outside, made go back and apologize, paid the 3 cents–over the cashier’s protests as I recall–and then made me sit in the car at the next errand. This was back in the days when a 4 year old could sit in a car outside a store and the police would not be called and you would not be in any danger–unless you got out of the car and your mom caught you at it.

2. One night when I was maybe 8 it was very hot so I slept naked. Somehow my brother found out and told the entire Latchkey(aka before school care, which our Mom was ran at the time) program about it the next day. I have rarely been so embarassed.

3. I was a 3 sports a year jock in middle school; tennis, basketball and track.

4. In high school I decided sports were too big a commitment and so joined French club, SADD, Odyssey of the Mind, Drama club, became the track team manager and did backstage work for musicals thus using all the time plus a good bit more that would have been used on sports. Odd how that worked out.

5. I always complained about hating school, but secretly loved it.

6. I abhor spelling mistakes; can’t seem to get over that no matter how hard I try.

7. I’m beginning to dislike coke–it gives me a stomachache sometimes.

8. I love country music and the tv show One Tree Hill.

9. I think Americans(myself included) are generally greedy, selfish, and gluttonous. I am disturbed by this because I still believe the USA is a wonderful country and cannot seem to resolve the two issues in my mind.

10. I want to learn to play the cello and speak Spanish fluently.

3 Replies to “Umm, really??”

  1. oh come on…it wasn’t that painful was it?!?! =) am in total agreement re: spelling. can’t. stand. it.

  2. i am so happy to know that i have another country music friend. and all the other info was really fun to learn. thanks for sharing.

  3. I have no recollection of 1 & 2 whatsoever, but don’t doubt you.
    Enjoyed and was very proud of 3 & 4. Can’t identify with 5 until the college years, which were great. I’m totally with you on #6. #7 rather shocks me – never thought I’d live to see the day. I share the first part of #8, and am willing to try One Tree Hill. When’s it on? Number 9 gives me screaming ambivalence; I think we have tried harder to live up to a premise than any nation ever, but the shallow conspicuous consumption gives me fits, too.
    #10 – I’ve never considered the cello, but regret never learning piano and/or guitar. Spanish would be a good goal. If we both learn to speak it, we can talk and Bailey and the boys won’t catch on – good plan. Love you.

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