Nap time shenanigans

Today Evrett out-did himself in the naughty/hilarious category. This is a 2 part episode so stick with us!

First he was grumpy about napping because we’d been at the park all morning and he fell asleep in the bike trailer about 2 blocks from the house. This made him think he had an excuse to be awake and ‘have more lunch’ instead of going directly to bed. I over-ruled him, but allowed him to have his little water bottle in bed for a few minutes to have a drink. This was my first mistake. . . Not 10 minutes after I left his room (and about 2 mins after Ben finally quit fussing and went to sleep) out pops Evrett saying he can’t sleep because he’s soaking wet.

“Why are you soaking wet? did you pee in your bed?”

“No Mommy I poured my water on my head so I could be like Moe”

FYI Moe is a ‘Doodlebop’ from the disney channel show of the same name who pulls a rope every episode and gets water dumped on his head. He also plays drums and breakdances which is why Evrett thinks he sooooooooooooooooo cool. Ughhhh.

So anyway we change his wet clothes and pull wet blankets and Mr. Bear off the bed and I lay him in our bed to take his nap. I tell him he MUST take his nap now, and lay quietly and NOT play or otherwise monkey around to keep himself awake. I used my very best “Mommy is serious and you better listen or it will be very very bad” type voice. He promised to go to sleep.

Then I made my second and third mistakes: I actually believed he’d behave, and I neglected to check the room for any objects he might find too exciting to ignore. About 20 minutes later I had finished a few things and decided to check on him before I sat down to have a snack. He’d been pretty quiet so I assumed he’d be out cold; that will teach me to assume things. I open the door to the overpowering aroma of Old Spice deodorant, an open container of it laying on the bed and Evrett quite obviously in the middle of putting his underwear back on.

Me: “WHAT are you doing?” I am genuinely confused at this point since I cannot conceive of why he’d need to be naked even if he was ‘using’ Daddy’s deodorant on the sly.

Evrett: “I just don’t wanna be stinky Mommy–and I need gel in my hair like Daddy but it won’t open”(Thank goodness for hair gel with difficult lids)

While biting the insides of my cheeks very hard to keep from laughing I point out that deodorant is for armpits, and not our ENTIRE body–which lesson was much more quickly learned when the portion he applied to his forehead(seriously kid? who does that?) began to make his eyes sting and we had to use his teddy bear to wipe it off. And now I need to change our–freshly washed might I add–sheets because my fourth mistake was taking away the toiletries and then leaving him in the room to take his nap. Now the bedding has soaked up the scent from his liberally slathered legs, arms, and torso and reeks like an overzealous gym teacher–double Ugghhh. Oh well, such is life with boys.

And here’s some pictures just cuz they make posts more interesting . . .





Those, fairly obviously I guess, are of St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and a hike we took in March. Good night all.

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  1. It’s no wonder you are tired at night, Katie, with the multitude of mischief that dear little boy can think up! Just wait until he and Ben can egg each other on and help each other implement their knacky notions! The pictures are great! How ever did you persuade the Great Norwegian to deck out in green for St. Patrick? I notice that while Adam, Ross, Evrett and yourself are smiling for the camera, Benett has his eyes on the food – what a smart, focused little boy! I love his expression in the backpack, too. Thanks for the day brighteners.

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