This is weird right?

Yesterday we had to be out of our house part of the day, so some men could finish repairing our sewer line. So despite a Ben’s fever and my lack of desire to haul him around town we packed up and went to a nearby coffee house for some breakfast and time-killing. While we were there a cat wandered into the shop from the adjoining shop next door. Ben usually loves all animals, especially dogs and cats, so I was more than a little shocked when my poor little guy took one look at the feline and began to scream in absolute terror!! It should be noted the cat itself was doing nothing menacing or odd, just walking around on the floor about 4 feet away. I felt sorry for it, actually, since Ben’s piercing shrieks frightened it so thoroughly that it spread all 4 legs out in fear and then disappeared back into its own shop at lightning speed and did not return. Benett switched from screaming to sobbing fairly fast, but took several minutes to calm down even though I held him and rocked him and did all manner of soothing Mommy-esque things.

So that’s a bit odd, even for my kids.

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