Some pics that needed to be shared!

Last week Evrett had his “Beary Special Day” at his preschool. Every kid gets one day for this and they do the usual picture board, getting to be line leader, etc stuff. I’ve posted the photos he chose for his little ‘all about Evrett’ poster just because they’re cute. Enjoy!!!

We have here, from starting from the top and moving across each line: Evrett as a baby(to compare with how he looks now, which the teachers like to do); Evrett wrestling his cousin Cole; our family taken just last week and including Bailey the wonder dog, as well as Evrett’s teddy bear and Ben’s stuffed puppy; our boys with their cousin Jake and their uncles Brian and Adam; Evrett and Ben being super heroes for Halloween; and Evrett in his own ‘homemade’ super hero outfit complete with gloves, boots, mask and underwear on the outside because Mr. Incredible and Superman have that. He’s a weirdo, but he’s our very own adorable little weirdo and we wouldn’t trade him for the world!

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